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Nevada Mines Through Zuni

Example Pictures are either the highest of grade or a good example of a common look from a particular mine.

Wow - cannot beat this spiderweb - Red Mtn. Natural spiderweb cabochons
Red Mountain Turquoise
Red Mountain is located in Lander County, Nevada. This mine has produced a large quantity of graded turquoise and the best Red Mountain turquoise rivals some of the high quality turquoise produced by the best mines in the Southwest. Red Mountain turquoise with its intricate often red spider web matrix is usually set in the finest gold and silver American Indian jewelry. Red Mountain spiderweb is one of the finest, only compared with Lander Blue. This stone has been used in many fine turquoise jewelry pieces both gold and silver by many famous artists.

Royston Turquoise Mines
Bunker Hill Mine - Oscar Wehrend - Royal Blue

Royston is a district in Nevada consisting of three turquoise mines: Bunker Hill, Oscar Wehrend, and the main producer, Royal Blue. Royston is known for its beautiful colors ranging from deep green to rich, light blues set off by a heavy brown matrix. The Royston district is still producing some turquoise of high quality. It ranges from a 5-6 in hardness for the highgrade. This is one the best selling stones for our line of jewelry. This Turquoise is being mined by the Ottesons.

Check out the show on the Travel Channel's "Where to find Cash & Treasure" 2008 See us hit a large pocket of killer stuff with Kirsten, Dean Otteson, Danny Otteson, & Dillon Hartman

Wonderful and classic turquoise jewelry of all kinds have been made with this wonderful turquoise. An American Turquoise Classic.


Look at this beautiful blue to green classic royston fade

Look at this killer millitary green royston turquoise

Holy heck - killer spiderweb turquoise
Smith Black Matrix Mine
You can guess where This comes from,...Nevada. Another small mine that produces great spiderweb material. Very Rare.Very Significant Part of Nevada History coming from the original OWA claim prior to 1965. A TEXAS COLLECTOR says "It is possible that someone named Smith took over a mine and named it the Smith Mine. But I still think that something is in the back of my mind. I think one of the old families had a daughter that married a Smith and a mine with that name came from that."
Smoky Valley Turquoise Mine
Another Small Nevada Mine. This mine produced a predominately medium blue Turquoise with little matrix. What matrix is in the stone was brownish black. Don't see much of This material anymore. There were a lot of the nugget turquoise jewelry pieces made out of this turquoise in the 60s and 70s
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Stennich Turquoise - wow - look at this stuff - isn't that some kill lime green turquoise

Stennich Turquoise and Faustite
This mine produces awesome green shades of turquoise, ranging in color from a dark green to the very popular lime greens. The material we have seen and own was seam or vein material. Always looking for more of This material. Really neat material! Really pretty turquoise jewelry when made with 14k gold.

Stormy Mountain Turquoise Mine
Stormy Mountain turquoise mine is located in Elko County, northeastern Nevada. Along with Blue Diamond mine, Stormy Mountain is known for producing hard, dark blue turquoise that includes a blotchy, black or brown chert matrix that resembles storm clouds. This mine is presently not active and is an extremely valuable addition to one’s collection. This seems to be my mothers favorite turquoise to put in gold jewelry and turquoise jewelry.

Stormy Mountain Turquoise Jewelry

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Natural stone mountain turquoise from nevada

Stone Mountain Turquoise
Our mine is located in high deserts of Lyon County, Nevada. The mine was discovered in the late 1970's and since that time we have discovered the majority of our turquoise by hand and pick.

A fairly new Nevada mine. This is a small mine run by just a few people, the Nevada Cassidys. It produces, deep blue to deep green turquoise with a varying degree of white, red and yellow-goldish matrix. The Cassidys claimed the mine in the early 1980's and have been hand and pick mining it ever since. They also claim that the mine produces translucent turquoise and blend colored turquoise that comes in a many different and unexpected color patterns.

Thunderbird Mine Turquoise Mine
The Thunderbird was originally owned and operated by the Mcginnis family, before they abondoned it to focus operations on the Mcginnis Turquoise mine. This mine produced primarily vein. material. It is of a medium to dark blue color with black or dark brown spiderweb or blotchy matrix. What little material was taken from This mine is gorgeous, fairly hard material.

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Timberline Turquoise Mine
One of Nevada's famous small mines. This mine produced a small amount of beautiful high grade medium to dark blue turquoise with thin brownish/black matrix. In the 60s, 70s, & 80s This small mine became famous, now finding This material is very rare!

Tina Gem Turquoise Mine
One of the Rarest American Turquoise was the highest Turquoise mine in America, located in the Battle Mountain area of Nevada. This privately owned mine was a tiny operation and only produced a small amount of fabulous dark blue Turquoise, almost the transparency of Varascite. A very valuable stone to have in one's collection.

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selection of killer tortoise turquoise stones mine by Dillon, John Hartman, and Shellbone Williams

Killer tortoise turquoise nugget from nevada

The Tortoise Turquoise & Variscite Mine
The Tortoise mine is a new mine in Nevada that we own and operate in partnership with Nevada Turquoise Company. This mine produces stellar material!! We have only started on This mine (we are only 5 feet down in the pit and are finding AAA grade material! The Tortoise produces green, blue, brown, white, yellow and red material with beautiful black spiderweb. We have determined that the mint green and blue materials are Turquoise and the white material is Chalcociderite, we are currently having the other materials assayed. We have vein material, nuggets and nodules. We have pulled out several nodules the size of softballs, and a piece of vein. that is 3ft x1 3/4ft x 2 inches thick! All the materials have a hardness of between 6 and 8 on the mohs scale. When you see This material you will fall in love! You want to see some gorgeous Turquoise jewelry, you have to see this stuff in silver jewelry or in gold jewelry.

View our Mining Tortoise Turquoise Video

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Troy Springs Turquoise
An old Nevada Turquoise mine that produces a blue & green combo Turquoise with light brown matrix much like some of the Royston Turquoise. A lot of This material has to be stabilized., but what doesn't is super high-grade Owned by Nevada Turquoise Co.

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Natural Turquoise Bonanza Turquoise Cabochons

Turquoise Bonanza
A fine Nevada Turquoise mine which produce a light to medium blue stone with a goldish brown matrix, a lot of times both green and blue in one stone. Good hard material. A lot of This turquoise comes in seam and vein. This mine was originally a Teungstun mine owned by Carl House, eventually they found This gorgeous turquoise. These claims are full of minerals. Turquoise Bonanza is now owned by Nevada Turquoise Co. We have made a fair amount of silver jewelry out of this turquoise. Great classic looking turquoise jewelry.

Valley Blue Turquoise Mine
Valley Blue was a small Nevada mine located in the Lander County region. Located between Austin and Battle Mountain, Nevada. This mine became fairly famous for a small time mine back in the 60s and 70s. It produced a nice medium blue to dark blue Turquoise with black matrix usually in nugget form. A lot of This material was finished as semi-nugget cabs. A fair amount of Turquoise jewelry featured this turquoise in the 60s and 70s, not so much any more.
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Verde Blue Turquoise Mine
Verde blue is a newer claim for the Otteson family and has been worked very little. It forms in a soft clay and produces the most beautiful little nuggets you have ever seen. It looks like old Morenci turquoise from the 60s and 70s. Once we can rip Dean away from Royston for a while and get him over there, it ought to be great stuff!! I cannot wait to see a lot of this in Turquoise jewelry, whether silver jewelry or gold jewelry.

This is some beautiful stuff comming out of nevada - very hard and great natural turquoise
Windy Ridge Turquoise Mine
Nevada has had an uncountable amount of mines over the years, however most were small pockets and were mined out fairly fast. Most of Nevada’s mines were small and usually mined by one person at a time. This mine sits above the Godber and Damele turquoise mines up in the mountain range behind them clear up on top, thus the name Windy ridge. Very hard stone, This has got to be the hardest material we have ever cut. Has very high silica content, This material is even harder than Candelaria. Runs primarily shades of green, but also lighter blues. Lots of chert mixed with this material had made it very difficult to mine. The veins might as well be locked up in Fort Knox. They form right in the solid granite lot of the mines the material is in decomposed chert and other rock usually very loose and fractured. But not This material. Available in small Quantities over the years.

White Creek Turquoise Mine
The White Creek Mine Produces a beautiful white turquoise, and yes it is actually turquoise, not Calcite or Magnesite. A lot of This material has a slight blue tint to it, and it looks a lot like Dry Creek turquoise from the Godber mine. The other look of This material is very similar to the White Buffalo Calcite look. Good stuff if you like the white turquoise look, cuts nicely. This stone makes wild turquoise jewelry, more fitting to silver jewelry than gold jewelry.

White Creek Turquoise - a true white turquoise from nevada - natural american turquoise
Beautiful White Stallion Cab
White Stallion Turquoise Mine
This mine was lost for several Decades, Recently rediscovered. Has been worked over the years but until recently white turquoise was just not popular like it is today. This is a very hard stone,you can take a couple of these cabs and lightly click them together and it is so hard it sounds like two pieces of glass clicking together, takes a mirror shine. This mine is a small producer and the material is very limited. But like all great stone nature only produces a little. This material will run pure white with just a touch of green or blue with beautiful matrix patterns. I hear it is coming out of a site right next to the main Carico Lake claim. Wonderful Turquoise Jewelry.

White Buffalo Mine
White Buffalo Turquoise (actually Opalized Calcite) is a beautiful white stone with fine black spiderweb or kind of a blotchy matrix that is mine out of Nevada, north of Tonopah. This one is getting a little hard to get as it is in low production at this times. This stone takes a great polish, cuts like Turquoise and is commonly marketed as White Turquoise. We really like the black spiderwebbed version. It is mine by Danny and Dean Otteson. One of the hotest things to hit the Turquoise jewelry market in a long time.

White Buffalo Jewelry

Great cab of Natural White Buffalo Opalized Calcite from Tonopah, Nevada
Sample of white owl Natural Nevada Chalcociderite

White Owl Mine, Nevada

White Owl is mined somewhere north of Austin, Nevada. The mine owner is being very closed mouthed about it. There is a lot of controversy surrounding the "white" Turquoises that are being offered these days. Some people say it's NOT Turquoise, others say it is. All we know is that when we bought the rough, we were told it was definitely Turquoise. Roger showed some of the material to a geologist who affirmed that Turquoise can come in a white form. Regardless, one must admit that This material, as all "white" Turquoise, is very interesting and very beautiful. We have recently learned that the White Turquoises are usually Calcite, Mangesite, or Chalcociderite, not Turquoise.

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Zuni Turquoise Mine
Another small Nevada mine. This mine is located near the Blue Diamond Mine and produced a small amount of high blue Turquoise. More history to come as I find it.

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Example Pictures are not necessarily the highest of grade, rather a good example of a common look from a particular mine.

I will continue to add to This list and eventually attempt to have a listing of all turquoise mines that have existed in Nevada. I need your help! If you know of another legitimate mining operation or old mine claim in Nevada, contact me at: durangodillon@gmail.com

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